KisaanYard e-Auctions is an ecosystem which enables farmers, traders, processors, producers, etc to connect directly with larger buyer & seller base through its online services of auctions, procurement, commodity trading, etc. The system will act as an information bridge between demand and supply with the support of latest IT tools & services. This makes the process scalable enabling multiple numbers of buyers & sellers to deal with each other on a single & secure online platform.

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We are also coming up with KisaanSathi E-Seva Krishi Kendra’s. In this we are connecting farmers directly to various distributors & retailers so that the farmers can get the best price & quality. Farmers can buy fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, irrigation and farm tools etc in lowest price either from our website or from our Kendra’s.

We are expanding each day along with our Growers. Currently we have more than 15,000 associates directly connected with Farmers assisting for buying & selling. is the brand name of KisaanSathi E-Seva Private Limited.