Kisaanyard.Com is a flat organization defining itself to a strict no hierarchy policy. We welcome talent with eagerness to learn innovation & technology which will overall enhance the growth of our organization and individuals. Kisaanyard.Com respects the uniqueness of each individual and our simple policies enable to achieve their full potential. Kisaanyard.Com has built a company of pioneers till now. We engage the zealots of the industry & nurture each member of Kisaanyard family with highest level of integrity & values which help us achieve our goals. Join us to make a difference in yourself & the world around us. For applying,Please notify us via email to attaching your CV, clearly explaining why you want to join Kisaanyard.Com.

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We are also coming up with KisaanSathi E-Seva Krishi Kendra’s. In this we are connecting farmers directly to various distributors & retailers so that the farmers can get the best price & quality. Farmers can buy fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, irrigation and farm tools etc in lowest price either from our website or from our Kendra’s.

We are expanding each day along with our Growers. Currently we have more than 15,000 associates directly connected with Farmers assisting for buying & selling. is the brand name of KisaanSathi E-Seva Private Limited.

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