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Terms & Conditions
  1. To participate in E auction of ready stock and pre-booking, all potential purchasers should get registered themselves on Any individual, who is major as per the Indian prevailing laws, any society, firm and or company which is duly registered as per the applicable prevailing laws in India can participate in E auction after the registration on To participate in e auction no registration fees wil be charged by
  2. After successful registration on by an individual or an entity there is no need to register for every e auction. Provided; no purchaser shall on the declaration as defaulter by for any reasons or the registration on the portal got cancelled or got determined participate in E-auction. Provided also, that the registration in all situations shall be subject to the approval and confirmation of Mere submission of online application for registration will not be counted as permitted to participate in E auction.
  3. The information, documents etc., uploaded and provided by any purchaser is found to be wrong and incorrect, then the registration will be denied and also such purchaser will be barred permanently to participate in e auction on
  4. reserves the rights of withdrawing or to change in lot or lots, a portion or many portions, change in quantity, withdrawal, to increase in or to rectify in the details of the agree product, which is subject of an E auction 5.) All bids are exclusive of transportation charges, weighing charges, hamali and packing charges, commission of and also exclusive of GST/Income Tax and Surcharges and other levies as may be applicable under the prevailing law.
  5. The details concerning the quality and quantity of the product will be uploaded by farmer with the help of kisaan mitra. If the purchaser had any doubt about quality and quantity; then the purchaser before participating in E auction, may by himself/itself or through his/its representative can confirm the same. The purchaser can also confirm the quality and quantity by deputing Quality Inspector by paying nominal fees.
  6. After closure of e-auction, list of sold lots (with highest bid value.) and withdrawn lots will be displayed in website.
  7. No consideration will be made for any bid made inadvertently or by miscalculation or through typing error. The system provides for confirmation of a bid before final submission of the same and as such, the intending purchasers should be careful while entering a bid.
  8. The bidder of the highest bid, on closure of the e-auction at the scheduled date and time, will get a confirmation of acceptance of his bid, through e-mail and SMS on his registered e-mail id and mobile number respectively, immediately on the closure of the e-auction. Bidder can get detailed information about lots with confirmed sale by log-in into his respective bidder login.
  9. The date of confirmation/acceptance of sale shall be reckoned as date of sale for all purposes.
  10. The successful bidder in ready stock E auction, whose highest bid has been accepted, to deposit 80% of total sale price within one day from the date of sale and the balance 20% of the total sale price shall be paid immediately on the receipt of produce; in the account of farmer directly by NEFT or RTGS mode only. If the bidder fails to transfer the balance amount after receipt of the goods then legal action will be taken against him.
  11. The successful bidder in pre booking E auction, whose highest bid has been accepted, to deposit 20% of total sale price within one day from the date of pre booking and the balance 80% of the total sale price shall be paid immediately on crop harvested; in the account of farmer directly by NEFT or RTGS mode only.
  12. No deposits shall be accepted in the form of Cash or Cheques. However, transportation charges, hamali, packing charges, weighing charges or Surcharge (in exceptional cases.) may be accepted in cash upto Rs.15,000.00/- only.
  13. After the stipulated and reasonable time expires due to failure of the purchaser to take possession of produce, the produce may be disposed of in the manner as deemed fit by and the farmer and the purchaser shall have no claim to any refund to the sale value of the same or in any part, thereof as may have been paid by the purchaser under such circumstances.
  14. In case of failure on the part of purchaser to pay first part payment in the prescribed time as mentioned in clause 10 and 11, acceptance of any such bid is cancelled and other lot/lots sold to the purchaser in the e-auction shall also be liable to cancellation at the discretion of and shall have full power to resell such lot/lots in new E Auction at its discretion. And reserves the right to declare such purchaser as defaulter and to cancel the registration of such purchaser.
  15. The purchaser whose highest bid has been accepted, shall be deemed to have entered into an agreement, for each lot purchased by him through e-auction. The successful bidder will have to accept this agreement through log-in into “Agreement” page of the website before deposit of 80% or 20% of Sale Value of the lot. For which purchaser is providing scanned signature/left hand thumb impression and also hereby giving permission to be used for execution of above mentioned agreement.
  16. We understand and agree that this Registration does not Guarantee Participation in any Auction hosted on the website. The permission to Participate is subject to compliance of the Terms and Conditions of a Seller as uploaded for every Individual Auction.
  17. runs its business on the basis of a robust Web Site. is outsourcing server space from a third party hosting company and hence shall ensure the smooth running in all good faith and intention. However we agree and understand that will not be responsible for any failure of Power, Network, Server, Hosting Server, Internet connectivity, ISP or otherwise either at Bidder's end or at directly or indirectly affecting on line method of Bidding.
  18. We understand and agree that takes no responsibility with regard to quality, quantity, documentation details of the materials listed for auction sale. We agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless – from any loss, damage, cost and expenses caused by any reason during this transaction.
  19. We understand and agree that has nothing to do with regards to quality, warranty, guarantees, delivery schedules, payments, rejections, transportation, legal laws and regulations for the items offered for sale on its site and the conditions of the Sellers in this respect will be Final and Binding on us.
  20. We understand and agree that is only an e-commerce service provider, and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions between the Seller and Bidder.
  21. We understand and agree that is only an e-commerce service provider, and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions between the Seller and Bidder.
  22. We understand and agree that will not be liable to us for any and all claims, losses, costs, damages of any nature whatsoever or claims expenses from any cause or causes, including attorneys’ fees and costs. It is intended that this limitation apply to any and all liability or cause of action however alleged or arising, unless otherwise prohibited by law.
  23. reserve the right to reject, void or cancel bids, whether successful or not, which deems not to be made in good faith, or which are restricted or prohibited due to local laws or which believes to have not been made according to Auction Rules, Terms and Conditions Auction reserves the right to deactivate a hostile bidder\'s account even with open or winning bids
  24. Auction is set for particular time. The server time will always be shown on the bidding screen to know the start time and the time of close of auction.
  25. The Results will be flashed immediately on close of the Auction on the screens. All the bidders can view their status (winner / loser.) for each lot.
  26. The bid value last accepted by the system will be taken for deciding the status. Only if two bidders bid with same amount, the fist request received by the server will be the winning request.
  27. Force majeure. In case where unforeseen situations such as hail, drought, excessive rain, war, fire, civil unrest, and any other reasonable cause, which is beyond the parties control (the so-called “force majeure” cause.) arise affecting the correct execution of the transactions, neither party shall be considered liable of non performance, losses and damages occurred.
  28. Dispute resolution. Any conflict arising from transactions shall first be resolved amicably between the parties and if they fail, it will be referred to a mediator. And the mediator will be 29.) Buyer/Bidder have to pay service charges 4% on the purchase value of agri produce to